SaVitar NVMe Storage Powered by Lightbits Highlights

SaVitar NVMe Storage– Powered by Lightbits Highlights We pioneered NVMe/TCP so that you can extend NVMe across the entire data center using simple and efficient TCP/IP fabrics.

You simply populate LightOS target servers with the drives of your choice and then any application server on the network can enjoy NVMe performance.

SaVitar cloud PlatformPowered by Define-Tech LMX

The LMX AI reference architecture features our best-practice suggestions for compute, networking, storage, power, cooling, and more, in a integrated AI infrastructure that serves to progress your AI strategy without blowing the budget.

With LMX, we have architected a high-performance, scalable AI solution that’s optimized, affordable and easily scalable. Powered by NVIDIA DGX A100 GPU, our own AI optimized Cloud software and LightOS NVME storage. The platform includes High speed ethernet switches.

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Supported Next Generation Applications

  • Support 5G/IOT and AI/ML analytic development
  • DevOps platform for CI/CD application life cycle managements
  • Support both Private and Hybrid Cloud deployment
  • Converged Hardware/software architecture provides unlimited scale-out capability
  • Integrated stack for rapid and simplified deployment as well as on-going maintenance.
  • Nvidia GPU accelerated node as the power chain for AI/ML
  • Lightbits NVMe over TCP storage provide unmatched IOPS for next generation applications.
  • Innovative Lightbits’s NVMe over TCP eliminate the need to invest on expensive and
  • specialized network hardware
  • 50% performance increase and 30% total storage cost reduction
  • Broad spectrum support for next generation application e.g. Kafka, MongoDB, Spark, Elastic.
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